cure-careConnected Health Centre

The solutions from HPS can be applied to many sectors. One sector with very different requirements and needs is health care. Technology is becoming increasingly important in providing the same (or higher) quality care at lower costs. Smart, integrated communication solutions contribute to this.

That’s why HPS has developed the care concept. This is a wireless solution that combines calling, personal alerts, nurse call systems, messaging, and localization. This way, solutions and networks are bundled and employees require only one device for all their communication.

This is made possible by a simple integration with third-party health care applications. You may continue to use your existing applications (e.g. existing operator station or your pager system) and combine them with telephony into one integrated system. This way, you won’t be faced with towering investment costs. Instead, you will make clever use of the applications you already have.

Improved quality of care at lower costs

The health care industry is changing rapidly. There are increasingly new forms of remote care, so that fewer people can do more work together. The technological possibilities are endless, but the risk is always that remote care becomes too isolated. That is something you want to avoid. Therefore, we will brainstorm with you about ways in which to better meet the needs of patients, customers, and monitoring authorities, while simultaneously improving your own business.

The possibilities are endless. For example:
• Reach and resolve problems faster because the nearest employees immediately receive a notification.
• Integration with home automation (such as motion detectors, so the night nurse knows when the patient has got out of bed).
• Remotely watching a colleague providing home care to a client or patient.
We are happy to brainstorm with you regarding solutions. Not only about the possibilities, but also how to reduce costs and using the technology you already have to achieve maximum results. This is almost always a matter of providing custom service.