maatwerk-telefonieCustom Service

Customization often provides just that little difference between a new telephone exchange and a combination of existing technology to better fit your business. HPS provides custom service for specific functionalities and to enable connections with other (data) applications.

HPS is MSA developer of Mitel, which makes it possible to directly deliver custom service on the Mitel platform. We have housed this specialty in a sister organization: Tel-Features. Through this organization, we are able to quickly and adequately respond to specific customer requirements.
Some examples:

Single Sign-On (SSO)

By logging into your laptop or PC, you automatically log into your phone as well.

emergency services Connection

Special IP telephony connection with the 112 platform (emergency telephone services).


Connecting CRM or ERP systems.


Specific report that provides insight into the performance at any level.

End-to-End Test

Continuous testing and monitoring process of the Cure & Care environment.