HPS provides innovative and reliable communication solutions based on IP Telephony for businesses from a hundred employees up to multinationals with more than one hundred thousand workplaces. In order to deliver these solutions, we rely on our years of expertise in the IP Telephony field. Whether it comes to setting up a contact center or implementing flexable working , HPS is familiar with all the issues that arise when implementing several different communication systems.

Today, communication is more important than ever. If a customer does not receive an immediate response to his/her question, he/she will move on. And if communication with your partners is not smooth, processes will be delayed. In short, communication is key.

Which brands do we offer?

Mitel is a market leader in voice communications. With Mitel MiVoice, we are able to integrate versatile call processing, telephony features, and network possibilities. In addition, this platform supports many advanced features such as mobility, teamwork, contact with the customer, and messaging. Combined in the right way, these features can improve the accessibility of your business and improve the efficiency of your employees.

Aruba Networks is the market leader in the field of corporate Wi-Fi and WLAN networks. Aruba Networks offers the best security, management, and scalability for wireless networks.

Microsoft Lync is a unified communications platform for businesses, which aims at more efficient cooperation. With Lync, businesses are able to check the availability of colleagues and communicate via video on any device.

We specialize in connecting Mitel, Aruba, and Mirosoft Lync systems in customized environments in order to realize every desired IP communications solution.