mobiele-integratieWireless Solutions

Employees available from anywhere, using any device, with the same features at home/on the road as in the office; it is all possible with mobile integration. This way, you can optimally respond to the demand for New Work and Bring Your Own Device.

‘One size fits all’ business communication is outdated. Employees have multiple jobs, work in multiple locations and require flexibility, or want to work from home. Consequence: changing communication needs. The HPS mobility solutions boost performance by:
• Providing employees with the opportunity to work independent from their main working location, inside and outside the company.
• Collaboration features like remotely sharing documents, whether employees are working on their desktop, laptop, or tablet.
• Consolidation of communication. Through one central environment for communication, employees are able to check the system all the time.

Wireless network success factor

In order to take full advantage of the features, a wireless LAN (WLAN) for data, video, and voice is crucial. After all, if employees use their tablet at home for video conferencing, they would like this feature at the office as well. Security is very important. HPS has extensive experience in designing, implementing, and managing Secure Wireless Networks and integration with mobile and data applications.
HPS uses a variety of methods (often combined) in order to achieve the desired mobile integration, such as:
• Private GSM (PGsm): private GSM network so that costs for mobile communication can be limited.
• WiFi or WLAN: this offers the customer the opportunity to combine voice and data over a single wireless network.
• Forced on PABX: handling calls through a voice VPN.
• Dect: a wireless digital technology that is used frequently.
• Radio integrated telephony platform.